Your government Naija Lockdown housemates and enthusiasts, Vee and Neo are now trending

Your government Naija Lockdown housemates and enthusiasts, Vee and Neo are now trending

on Twitter and youtube over a private debate they just have during the Big Brother home.

The BBNaija aficionados, Neo and Vee elevated suspicions of obtaining sexual intercourse for the Lockdown residence.

Every thing moving on Wednesday evening after Vee lamented that this tart hasn’t observed their stage your period.

Once more, on saturday, Neo expected if she has seen the lady time, including that this dish seems expecting.

The two had been in the kitchen area food preparation any time Neo manufactured a pregnancy motion that Vee next threatened to f**k him up-and informed your staying frightened alternatively. But an unbothered Neo played downward any worries before Vee responded to your, claiming: “It would get later.’

Whenever Neo believed to this model that this chick almost certainly just miscalculated, a visibly stressed Vee disagreed and noted that she’s experienced the large uncle House for a month and everyday.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls your singer, Vee have early in the day cried aside that this tart had been sex-starved and may not just hold it along for another 5 days if she stayed at home.

Well, the kitchen conversation within like wild birds has stirred suspicions from BBNaija lovers who’re speculating about the housemates experienced intercourse wherein there was no cameras.

These are some responses from people underneath:

Isaactweet “ which only known the convo between Neo and Vee in the kitchen area?expect Vee isn’t pregnant, time nevertheless to come!Are all of us gonna have got a huge sister child?

OfficialGeno “ therefore we determine seeing that Neo and Vee experienced sexual intercourse. By the way, Lord discipline kayode. Nicely, Vee featuresn’t noticed the girl years and is troubled this woman is expecting a baby. Neo are creating as if it’s not an issue for him or her.”

Temitope852 “ Vee has-been moaning to Neo about the late stage and just how Ne9 is scared. The man said he’s a mature and can’t panic of pregnancy.”

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