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Have you been a respectful, professional (30+) guy, looking for a relaxed, sexual liaison in luxurious environments with an elegant, smart, sensuous & intimately confident woman? Carly.G

Have you been a respectful, professional (30+) guy, looking for a relaxed, sexual liaison in luxurious environments with an elegant, smart, sensuous & intimately confident woman? Carly.G

I recently love role-play scenarios and check out of my own favourite scenarios for many who enjoy being managed by a Domineering, sexually assertive & demanding ‘cougar escort Tempe MILF’ such as for instance Myself. I will be very happy to give consideration to other role-play situations, therefore with an outline and I will be happy to confirm if I would be interested or not (I will not work to highly detailed scripts though as they are just too contrived to be any fun, so just a rough outline is acceptable) if you have a particular fantasy that you would like me to consider, e-mail me.


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You will be instructed to wait a consultation at Miss DeLa-Vere’s center for a personal assessment inside her capability as being a Sex-Therapist – maybe because of the fact it up’ and/or satisfying women sexually that you have been having trouble ‘getting. Skip DeLaVere could be extremely demanding in her own model of ‘hands-on’ treatment practices and accepts no excuses for shortcomings but her very effective leads to dealing with all method of intimate dysfunctions talk in her expert hands with complete confidence for themselves, so you may place yourself. Skip DeLaVere will probably welcome you dressed up in a sharp white tunic over black colored lace underwear with seamed stockings, suspenders & stilettos and (following a probing meeting regarding your intimate methods & experiences) she’s going to instruct you to definitely remove, willing to undergo a very individual intimate assessment on the medical settee. Skip DelaVere will likely then excite your penis to make certain you are completely erect before placing you through a few assessments that could include cunnilingus, fellatio (and maybe a lot more!) in an effort to make the journey to the base of your intimate dilemmas. But beware! Usually do not dare to ejaculate before skip DeLaVere provides you with authorization to, or she actually is probably be highly displeased!


Are you currently an extremely slutty kid? Are you misbehaving in course or neglected to turn in your research on time? Well you need to are accountable to skip DeLaVere’s research where you should be likely to explain your conduct before pulling straight straight down your pants and bending across her classic mahogany desk willing to get punishment that is swift her expert hand along with her hand, cane, crop or tawse. Needless to say, administering chastisement that is such hot work, therefore skip DeLaVere may well choose to disrobe right down to simply her stockings, suspenders & stilettos. Be warned however, don’t dare to be erect in the sight of Miss DeLaVere’s sumptuous 36”DD breasts, as you should fail to satisfy her totally if you dare to do so she may decide to make full use of your erection for her own wicked pleasures – and woe betide you!