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SD Maid Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) is really a effective t l for you to definitely handle and clean undesired files.

SD Maid Pro MOD APK (Unlocked) is really a effective t l for you to definitely handle and clean undesired files.

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Overview information

Introduce about SD Maid Pro

If they’re perhaps not cleaned, the device shall lose performance and also the storage area will shrink. SD Maid Pro is an effective solution you happen trying to find. Although you can even try this with Avast Antivirus, CC, if you’d like these jobs to perform quicker, more effectively, you have no 2nd option.

A powerful cleaner t l for Android

SD Maid professional has an analyzer that is powerful. Whenever you operate this function, the system can certainly make data about the used information, big files and redundant files, junk files. Immediately after, you are able to delete them and free up memory with only one simply click.

This process is quite risky because of the analysis and search are not really security for other applications. If you accidentally delete a significant file, utilized to launch a software or perhaps a certain process in the device, you will be in big trouble. But with SD Maid Pro, that does not happen, because it scans each type of file, l ks for known locations and can be deleted often. Besides, skilled users can make a custom filter, to incorporate files to the exception list, or the list to be cleaned.

Database optimization

During unit manipulation, records and tables within the database can automatically be created. But, when not washed up, they might nevertheless exist and also this considerably decreases the performance associated with the unit, because the question takes more time to perform.

Luckily, SD Maid professional supports just what very popular system cleansers is CCleaner doesn’t. It makes use of the “VACUUM” SQL statements while creating pages that are blank properly tidy up, without losing your computer data.

File supervisor

More than simply a cleansing t l, you’ll manage your files right in SD Maid professional. It is possible to control how many folders, files, used memory or space that is free your unit. From there, the application form provides a synopsis, probably the most detailed.

In addition, this file supervisor enables you to perform queries with lots of filters. You can search by name, content, creation time, last time that is modified etc.

One more thing, ES File Explorer can also be a expert file manager with effective t ls to manipulate with files.

Control the operation of the device

With the Application Driver function, you are able to get a handle on what exactly is occurring on your own device. The applications and tasks are detailed, concerning the Central Processing Unit and memory being used. You have turned them off but they are still running in the background, you can freeze or force to cancel right here if you notice. Consequently, your unit minimized the memory that is full crash and lag situation.

The t l in professional variation

SD Maid Pro includes all of the features into the free version, and it adds features like ad-blocking badoo sign in and two app cleaning features, system cleaning.

You know, during use, you will install many other applications on your own device. As s n as the cache and junk files become bigger, the application start-up takes longer and sometimes crashes in the event that you start numerous applications at the time that is same. They should be cleaned on a daily basis, SD Maid professional can do this for you aided by the Cron Job device. You just have to set a schedule, the cleaner will run automatically to wash your unit. Simple, but extremely right that is useful?

MOD APK variation of SD Maid Pro

MOD feature

Professional Unlocked you need to use the Professional variation free of charge by downloading our APK file.

Download SD Maid Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) for Android

Please keep your device within the condition that is best. Don’t let junk files or redundant files reduce performance. SD Maid professional will allow you to expel those uncontrollable information, you simply need certainly to download this application and set the routine just!