JOURNAL OF A SEX SLAVE. Diary of the Sex Slave

JOURNAL OF A SEX SLAVE. Diary of the Sex Slave

You Mi wished to think her mom, but her heart was not with it. She now knew the cold truth — that her life could not be easy once more.

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In a very restaurant that is korean bay area, You Mi went between your kitchen area as well as the tables with little to no white soup bowls of appetizers.

Korean dinner constantly begins with many small plates: kimchi, seafood cake, daikon radish, black colored beans, anchovies, sesame-soaked cucumber and acorn jelly. It really is sweaty apron work with minimal wage.

With all the custom that is korean of tipping, she ended up being happy to collect $30 per night through the clients.

But she had been free.

It absolutely was June 2006. It turned out a little over couple of years since she stepped away from Sun salon when it comes to last time.

Maybe maybe Not long once You Mi stop intercourse work, two Korean ladies escaped from the brothel nearby the bay area Museum of Modern Art and decided to go to the authorities.

Quickly later, the social those who trafficked You Mi into Ca dropped under federal surveillance, and also by summer time 2005, these people were in handcuffs.

The guys whom arranged You Mi’s journey from Korea, her agents in Los Angeles, plus the madams and taxi motorists whom managed her motions had been those types of called in Operation Gilded Cage, a federal indictment of 45 Koreans in la and san francisco bay area.

Although two dozen masseuses decided to testify in san francisco bay area, none associated with 29 individuals charged regarding the Korean intercourse trafficking into the Bay region went to test. Continue reading